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Top 10 Questions About Pool Automation

If you’re looking to install a pool automation system, you are likely to have some questions. At Orlando Pool Tech, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient automation system to control and manage your pool’s features. Here are the top 10 questions we receive about pool automation, along with our expert answers.

1. What is pool automation?

Pool automation refers to the use of technology to control and manage various pool features, such as temperature, lighting, and water flow. This technology allows you to control these features through a central control system, such as a mobile app or a wall-mounted panel.

2. What are the benefits of pool automation?

Pool automation offers a lot of benefits, including improved energy efficiency, better water chemistry management, and the ability to remotely control and monitor your pool’s features.

3. How much does a pool automation system cost?

The cost of an automation system can vary depending on the size of your pool, the features you want to control, and the type of automation system you want to choose. A basic system can start at around $1,000, while more advanced systems can cost several thousand dollars.

4. Can I install a pool automation system myself?

While some automation systems are specifically made easy to install, it is typically better to have a professional install and set up your system. This will ensure that the system functions properly.

5. What features can I control with an automation system?

You can control a wide range of pool features with a pool automation system, including temperature, lighting, water flow, chemical levels, and even your pool’s cover.

6. How do I choose the right automation system for my pool?

When choosing an automation system for your pool, you have to consider the features you want to control, the size of your pool, and your budget. Our experienced technicians can help you choose the right system for your specific needs.

7. What types of mobile apps can I use to control my pool’s automation system?

Most automation systems for pools come with a mobile app that you can use to control your pool’s features from your smartphone or tablet. The specific app will depend on the type of automation system and brand you choose.

8. How do I maintain my pool’s automation system?

Regular maintenance is very important to ensure that your automation system stays functioning correctly. This includes checking for any software updates, inspecting the system for any damages, and keeping the system clean and free of debris.

9. What happens if my pool’s automation system malfunctions?

If your pool’s automation system malfunctions, you should contact a professional to diagnose and repair the issue. Our team of experienced technicians can help you quickly diagnose and fix any problems you may encounter.

10. Can I add new features to my pool’s automation system in the future?

Yes, you can typically add new features to your automation system in the future, such as additional lighting or temperature controls. Although you should contact a professional to discuss your options and ensure a proper installation and setup.

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