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Is Your Swimming Pool Water Really Safe and Clean?

Maintaining the Right Balance of Chemicals can be Tricky

A pool is a great addition to any family’s backyard. But without the right balance of chemicals, your pool can become unpleasant or even unsafe. “If a pool’s water isn’t sparkling and clear, don’t even think about diving in,” say the experts at Prevention Magazine. “Blue-green algae produces toxic cyanobacteria and can grow in poorly sanitized pools, particularly in areas that receive a lot of sunlight.” That’s why it’s worth checking with an Orlando pool service company.

Several chemicals that need to work together in just the right ratios to maintain a healthy swimming environment. If this delicate mix of chlorine, stabilizers, alkaline, and calcium isn’t continually sustained within proper pH levels and processed through an efficient filtration system, you may be asking for trouble. When the water in your swimming pool isn’t properly maintained, you may be risking exposure to microbiological organisms, including viruses and bacteria. These microorganisms can cause ear, nose, or throat infections as well as gastroenteritis.

Steps to Ensure a Clean, Healthy Swimming Pool

According to experts, you should always monitor the condition of the water in your swimming pool. That means regularly checking for any change in conditions, like cloudiness or signs of algae, insects, small animals, or other debris. Heavy rains or having a lot of swimmers in the pool can affect water quality, especially if small children or pets have been in the water. Fecal contamination can be very unhealthy.

You can’t always tell by just looking and smelling. “Many people think that when a pool smells of chlorine, that means that it’s clean,” pool chemical expert Mary Ostrowski told “But that smell is actually chloramines, a substance that results from a mix of chlorine and bacteria, urine and sweat.”

You need to regularly test the water and add any needed chemicals before anyone goes swimming. In addition to brushing and vacuuming the pool regularly, you should test the pH and chlorine levels. It’s also important to clean skimmer baskets both poolside and at the filter pump. To ensure your filter is working properly, you need to check the water pressure gauge. You may need to clean the filter or add filtration powder.

A Pool Maintenance Service is the Best Protection

You can do all that yourself, or you can let the experts at Orlando Pool Tech handle it for you. Our Orlando Pool Services Package includes: full chemical balance testing and maintenance, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, backwashing filter and cleaning cartridge filter as needed, skimming the water and net water surface, brushing steps, cleaning swim outs, cleaning tile and walls, and netting and vacuuming the pool floor as needed. Our Plus Package can make your life easier still. Let us help you make sure your swimming area stays beautiful, safe and healthy for your family and guests. Call Orlando Pool Tech swimming pool services today at 407-502-5138